TRACK "And I Want To Be Gone"

Now we are talking! these vocals make me want to change the world. The producer had to be God. This song makes you want to become a man and believe in myself. I don't know how this beat was made but its extraordinary.


Excellent song, its live and love the instrumental. The lyrics and done very well voacals are great and the violin is on point. Wouldn't change a thing on this song. A great song...


If anyone was given the chance to choose an intro for this song he will surly prefer this one. The first beats of music are perfect enough to persuade one to rich background containing different sounds and different musical instruments .. the singing voice sounds prevailing the whole melody with its powerful technics.


This Country stomper comes out with winning guitar played like a Byrd's intro in a pedal steel style thats winning. The 'plainfolks' harmonies are also of the SoCal cloth, as is the Bakersfield shuffle of the drum & bass. A sleek fiddle solo is the icing on the cake and its all top notch for the pickers involved.”


“Awesome loud and catchy intro with a lovely soft country and western feel to the track. Its relaxing yet upbeat. The

background instruments flow really well with the lyrics. The lyrics themselves are original I like the

consistency of the tempo. This track sounds good quality and well produced. ”


“this is a very upbeat country song very appealing to my ears. song is very easy to sit and listen to. the vocals sound very nice

i like the two overlapping singers they complament each other while singing. the instramentals i matched very nicely to the

speed of the song. i could see myself listening to this song very regularly. i am going to rate this song a 9/10”


“is a lovely country song. from the begining you start to like it. the lyrics are inspiring and with the rythm of the song you feel

even more. you can hear on the background more vocals and gives to the song and special feeling, and you like it .”


“This song has a country feel with the use of the guitar and the drums. the beat is upbeat and has that country dance feel.

The lyrics are nice and helps the song to have depth and emotion. There is a nice range of pitches and a large range of



“I like the style and genre of this song. The beat goes really well with the song in general and I like the tone of this song. This

song was perfect because it didn't drag on like some songs do. The length of this song was perfect. ”


“I enjoyed the opening steel guitar riff that painted the picture right away for this to be a country western track. The vocals

were subtle enough and played well off of the guitar instrumentals. I thought the addition of echoes and background vocals

was a nice touch to this production. ”


“The song is very blunt an I love how the artist is not afraid to express how they feel. The song has a comical touch but the

message of the song is very clear. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to songs about break ups. The instrumentals

have a very relaxing sound. The lyrical content has an amazing rhythmic flow.”


“Melodic and melodious country tunes. The guitar mixes well with the vocals and the production suggests quality as

everything blends together smoothly. A catchy tune with fun lyrics, dynamic lead vocals and harmonious backing vocals. The

tune carries a concise tone throughout and appeals to multiple genres.”


“The intro is good.first impression is that its country music. for instruments Guitar and violon are forming such a smooth

rhythmic melody. for lyrics they are punchy and amusing . well structured as well. About the artist i can feel that he is careful

and naturally talented. i like this song.”


5/15/16 Speirosmusic Reverbnation

Enjoying your song If This Ain't Love. Nice sounds mate.


5/15/16 John Revitte Reverbnation

Brilliant passion in your voice and sound mix on "Love Me Tender" Will!!!